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Cracked Venice Boulevard Could Get Repaved This Summer

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Mad Mar Vista mom Linda Jones made good on her promise to stage a protest this past Sunday on Venice Boulevard over the street's deteriorating condition. About 20 protesters joined Jones over the weekend, Patch reports, and they were greeted warmly by drivers and cyclists navigating the street's pockmarked and rutted surface. The California Department of Transportation did inform Jones that Venice will be smoothed over this summer "at the earliest," but Jones is dubious: "I really don't think it's going to happen that soon, if ever." State Senator Ted Lieu was invited to the protest, but didn't show. His rep said "grinding and paving" has already taken place on Venice in the past few weeks and Caltrans has put out bids for a permanent fix. Meanwhile, Jones says, "Cars are almost hitting other cars or almost hitting bicyclists ... It's horrendous."
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