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Frank Sinatra's Huge Villa Maggio Desert Spread Asking $4MM

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Two decades after he had E. Stewart Williams design him the swinging Twin Palms house in Palm Springs, Frank Sinatra apparently needed to get away from it all--in 1967 he built the Villa Maggio (named for his character in From Here to Eternity) high above the Coachella Valley. The 10-acre property hosts three buildings designed by Ross Patton in a "rustic, chalet design" that still "retains much of the colorful, late-1960s eclecticism that followed the subdued, minimalist aesthetic of postwar America." The main house has three bedrooms and six bathrooms; a guesthouse has three bedrooms and five bathrooms; and the pool house has two bathrooms and two saunas. There's also a pool and tennis court. Asking price is $3.995 million.
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