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Back to the Drawing Board For 8 Hillside Houses in Eagle Rock

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Round one in the fight between the Eagle Rock neighborhood and a developer who wants to put eight three-story houses at the top of Mount Royal Drive seems to have gone pretty decisively for the neighbors. Some residents had circulated complaints before the neighborhood council's land use committee meeting, but Eagle Rock Patch reports that they also turned up in droves to air objections to the project last week (such as the not-at-all hyperbolic/offensive fear that "our hillsides are going to be raped"). Developer Stan Fargeon attempted to reassure attendees, saying that "on a long-term basis, there'll be virtually no downside for all of you" and that the development would be out of sight "unless you're in a helicopter," but no luck; the neighbors say the houses are too big, too numerous, badly sited, and they don't like that they're behind a gate. Fargeon, who would need several variances from the Planning Department to build the project as proposed, has agreed to present a revised plan to the ERNC in May.
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