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Grand Park Filming Fees Slashed, But Still Pretty Damn High

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After much handwringing over whether residents or industry types needed Downtown's Grand Park more, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted today to lower filming fees at the park. While the fees are now dramatically lower--it used to cost $20,000 to rent a section of the park for a day, and that's been slashed to as low as $2,000--they're still much higher than at other county-owned venues. "At these filming rates, we're pretty sure we won't be issuing film permits for Grand Park," Paul Audley, president of permitting body FilmLA, told KPCC. Which is just fine by Supervisor Gloria Molina; "I would like to have the park only be available to the public at this time," she said before the vote. And with the high fees, that's pretty much how things have worked out; only one film crew has used the park since it opened. Earlier this month there was talk of doing away with the fees entirely for six months to build interest in Grand Park as a filming location, but the interests of the park-using public won the day.
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Grand Park

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