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Broad Stage Lobby Makeover, Women's Breakup Center

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SANTA MONICA: The Renzo Zecchetto-designed Broad Stage has just unveiled a remade lobby and second floor lounge, with new food to go along with them (courtesy chef Pace Webb's Taste of Pace): "Room & Board's reinterpretation of The Broad Stage's lobby and second floor lounge as a comfortable living room is not a theme, but a subtle and artistic re-design that inspires and emphasizes people coming together in a casual, welcoming setting to share stories, perform and engage." That means new comfy couches, window seats, and tables and chairs for "a café vibe." [Curbed Inbox]

LINCOLN HEIGHTS: For the heartbroken, here is The Break Up Center, "a brand new space for healing." The "pop-up workshop" is for women with any variety of broken heart; founder Amanda Meyer says "I want to create a supportive, safe haven for women, in which to share the lessons I learned, and to help them to release their anger and turn their pain into something powerful and new." The first workshop on May 11 "will offer women a full day of unconventional healing," to include smashing things (but then putting the pieces back together to make art), writing, sharing stories, and so on. Meyer is hoping to turn the Center into "the ultimate, go-to break up spa." [Curbed Inbox]

Broad Stage

1310 Eleventh St., Santa Monica, CA