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Echo Park's Edendale Library is Getting Very Smelly and Trashy

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Echo Park's popular, green Edendale library is having issues with maintenance--detritus, some of it related to homeless people camping out around the library's Sunset Boulevard entrance and back parking lot, is not getting cleaned up regularly, as funds set aside by the neighborhood council were frozen by the city, Eastsider LA reports. The Edendale Library Friends Society stepped in but could only afford a part-time maintenance worker--funds were so low the worker could only come two days in March and barely tidy the parking lot after clearing up the Sunset side. "At night we have on-going homeless encampments on our grounds and along both front and back handicapped ramps," the Society's Suzanne Rogers wrote in an email to Council District 13. "Our utility sheds (which we use for book storage) have been broken into so that they can store their bed rolls, clothes and misc. stuff." Meanwhile, the neighborhood council is working to get their money unfrozen; the freeze can be blamed on insufficient paperwork to prove where the money is going.
· Echo Park Library Struggles to Clean Up [Eastsider LA]