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The Seedy History of the Short Stop, Tell TJ's to Come to DTLA

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ECHO PARK: Sunset Boulevard's Short Stop has been a hipster/Dodgers bar for the bast decade or so, and before that it had a nasty connection to some of the worst LAPD corruption. But it turns out the SS's 1925 building has been a dark hotbed of seediness ever since a girl gang tried to steal a fur coat back in 1929. The Echo Park Historical Society (and specifically Curbed historical consultant pal Rory Mitchell) lay it all out in this terrific video. [EPHS]

DOWNTOWN: It's time once again for the Downtown LA Demographic Survey--Downtowners, please do fill it out so Trader Joe's knows just how desperate you are to get them to the 'hood. According to the website, "Past surveys helped us bring Ralphs Fresh Fare and CityTarget. Who's next?" Survey is right here. [Curbed Inbox]