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Union Battle Could Delay Downtown's Hotel Clark Even More

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Last we heard, Downtown's looooong-delayed Hotel Clark was finally set to open in June, but now it looks like the project might be even more delayed, thanks to some opposition to its three restaurants, banquet center, lobby bar, and outdoor pool. Chetrit Group has been working on the makeover of the 1914 hotel on Hill Street for about a decade now and work finally started to speed up over the last couple years; it was announced in late 2011 that boutique operator King & Grove would be managing the 347-room hotel. But now hotel workers union United Here Local 11 has appealed the restaurant approvals, "citing inadequate mitigation measures for the project's environmental impacts," reports the Downtown News. The appeals says that the city didn't adequately protect the historic building and that the city should have required "the use of building materials that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions."

But less officially, everyone seems to think this is a tactic to get a unionized workforce for the Clark--or really just to get Chetrit's Jake Chetrit to at least meet with the union. It sounds like he's been pretty cagey about that (the developer is in general very private and doesn't really talk openly about any of its plans, which also include a revitalization of lower Grand Avenue's Embassy Hotel)--a rep says that "Chetrit has resisted meeting with the union because he feels that hotel operations and land-use issues should be separate." Councilmember Jose Huizar delayed the city's very last vote on the Clark in hopes of getting a meeting together first; a new vote is scheduled for May 14.
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Hotel Clark

426 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, CA