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City Hoping to Extend LA River Bike Path to Sepulveda Basin

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If the City Council OKs the motion tomorrow, Los Angeles will be applying for an $11.5 million federal grant to extend the LA River bike path in the Valley. The money would come from the Federal Lands Access Program, which aims to improve transportation options within or to federal land--in this case, to the Department of Defense-owned Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area. The flood control facility and surrounding parks comprise the largest bit of natural open space along the entire LA River, but there's no path that links it to the river. According to the motion (pdf), the city has already invested $15 million in building the bike path into the western San Fernando Valley; the grant would extend the path from Vanalden Avenue to Balboa Boulevard, connecting the start of the river to the Sepulveda Basin. If the application is successful, the city would have to match the grant with $1.5 million from local transportation funds. Both the vote and the application deadline are tomorrow.
· City Council File Management System (pdf) [LA City Clerk]