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San Pedro Residents Confused, Dismayed by New Bike Lanes

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Many San Pedro residents are unhappy about new bike lanes on Westmont and Capitol Drives that drivers say are increasing traffic, according to the Daily Breeze. The lanes were no surprise--City Councilmember Joe Buscaino says the plans were rolled out "some years ago" as part of the city's bike plan, which was a response to the Complete Streets Act signed into law by Arnold Schwarzenegger. So why the upset now? It could be that drivers didn't realize the bike lanes would come at the expense of car lanes. (Where'd they think the lanes would go, on the sidewalk?) Many drivers are also confused by all the new road markings, which include a buffer between car and bike lanes so bicyclists can swerve out of the way of opening car doors without swerving into traffic. And while the lanes are popular with San Pedro's bike riders, San Pedro doesn't have many bike riders. "We're different here. We have a different topography and less bike commuters," one neighborhood council member told the paper. But that's missing the point, according to Buscaino. "To those who say San Pedro doesn't use bikes, I say, 'Let's start. Why not?'
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