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Build Your Own Neutra, Tamale Shaped Building For Sale

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[Remembering last week's CicLAvia. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: Good news for people who like their new buildings to look old, as plans from mid-mod architect Richard Neutra are now available for purchase, along with construction supervision by Dion Neutra and the Neutra Office. But if you like your new buildings to look new, you can buy a new 4 bed, 6 bath house with a LEED certified kitchen in Beverly Grove for $2.45 million. High-end home sales on the West Side are doing really, really well. Gold stars for you, Westsiders. Fingers crossed -- there may finally be some resolution to the fight over the optional Leimert Park station on the Crenshaw Line next week. An East LA building shaped like a tamale is now available for sale for less than a half million dollars, worrying preservationists that it could fall into the hands of a non-tamale lover. An orange and blue map of Los Angeles now shows where residents are coughing up the most black nuggets of soot thanks to all the pollution in the air. Lastly, don't forget to watch the video of Chloe Sevigny bitching about Los Angeles.