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1950s Dinger & Pedersen Designed For the LA County Fair

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Dinger & Pedersen is a fun name for an architecture firm--Harlan Pedersen and Fred Dinger were based in Pasadena and designed this 1958 house in Sierra Madre for the LA County Fair. According to a doc (pdf) from the Pasadena/Foothill chapter of the American Institute of Architects, Pedersen had recently traveled to Scandinavia, and "seeing an opportunity, participated in the design and construction of a Scandinavian style house to be exhibited as a model home at the LA County Fair. After the fair, he purchased it, had it cut apart in three sections and transported to a lot in Sierra Madre, where it became their first home and where they raised their daughters." The listing says it's been owned by the same family for more than 50 years, although it's not clear that that's in fact been the Pedersen family; whoever they are, they've made "some changes & additions." The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a brick patio, yard, fruit trees, and small pond. It will however, need "a little love." Asking price is $569,000.
· 140 E Grandview Avenue Sierra Madre, CA [Estately]