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OMG Shoes!, Mona Moore on Abbot Kinney, Bling Ringing

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CITYWIDE: It's Shoe Week over at Racked. As a service to anyone with damaged footwear, they've rounded up seven really good cobblers and provided a rundown of how much each charges for basic repairs and services like boot stretching and heel shortening.

VENICE: Mona Moore boutique owner Lisa Bush sat down with Racked to talk shop. Topics covered include her favorite pair of Rodarte heels and why she originally decided to settle on Abbot Kinney.

ONLINE: Here's a new trailer for The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola's soon-to-debut film that's going to give Los Angeles teens a really bad name. It opens with the movie's best line, uttered by Leslie Mann who plays the amazingly blank Valley mother to teen sociopath Nicki (the real-life Alexis Neiers).
· Racked LA [Official Site]