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Santa Monica Only Cracking Down on Park Exercising a Little

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Exercise exhibitionists, rejoice! The Santa Monica City Council decided this week to pass a looser version of the strict new rules proposed for exercise classes and private training sessions held in public parks. Santa Monica Patch reports that the city council voted to draw up an ordinance that will include noise limits and place some restrictions on class sizes and times the parks can be used. They did not, however, seem keen to ban all classes from Palisades Park, where Patch counted 147 classes and lessons in one recent six-hour period. There's been concern from the parks commission that all that flexing and jumping around was getting in the way of people who like quieter, less structured activities in the city's parks. But the ban on classes (as opposed to private sessions) struck some as unfair to residents who can't afford personal trainers. City staffers had also proposed charging trainers 15 percent of their park exercise-based revenue, but the council dropped that down to 10 percent. The meeting was packed with trainers and fitness types who applauded the council's decision.
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