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Neighbors Freaking Over 8 New Houses Planned in Eagle Rock

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This evening the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council's land use committee is discussing a proposed development of eight homes on Mount Royal Drive--and it has some neighbors in a tizzy. Eagle Rock Patch calls the steep cul-de-sacked street south of the 134 "somewhat exceptional," and residents think there's no room for any more somewhat exceptional people to join them there. Plans for the project, to be developed by Stan Fargeon and designed by Franklin Studios, are to subdivide the long-empty 1.59-acre property and build eight three-bedroom houses, ranging in size from 2,300 to 3,000 square feet. Architect Steven Brabson tells us the inspiration is a "geology kind of thing," referring to the stone and earth tones used, with the houses terraced into the hillside. Each house would be three stories, with the first, mostly subterranean level, built a two-car garage. Despite sounding suspiciously like a typical small lot development, Brabson says they're planned for standard lots.

According to a petition circulated by one Mount Royal resident, along with Patch's interviews with other neighbors, concerns over this project are legion:
-- "Can you imagine the devastation to our lovely and quiet neighborhood?"
-- "All the trees at the top of the hill being cut down!" (emphasis in original)
-- "The congestion related to parked cars--which will only get worse with eight new families living at the top of the street."
-- "'For how many years will the construction go on?' [one neighbor] said in a Wednesday interview with Eagle Rock Patch at his house. The answer, he reckoned, was anyone's guess."
-- "They're not the kind of homes that are in that area," [another neighbor] said. "That alone is why they couldn't build there."
-- Also it's a wildlife corridor.

The developer is seeking zoning variances relating to the size of the front and side yards, along with increased square footage. Brabson tells us that if the approvals process goes smoothly, the houses should be finished in about 18 months, which includes nine months for construction.
· Proposed Construction of 8 Houses on Hill on Mt. Royal Drive Stirs Neighbors' Concerns [Eagle Rock Patch]