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Beverly Hills Yard Safari, The Grove Makes Its Own Parking App

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BEVERLY HILLS: Spotted (ha!) in a Beverly Hills front yard: a leopard and a gorilla. Makes perfect sense. [@Howtowinfriends]

FAIRFAX: Mall developer Caruso is busy today! Following today's news of upgrades at the Americana at Brand, the Grove announces FlashPark™ (seriously, ™): "FlashPark™, a patent pending technology platform developed by Caruso Affiliated ... was created by using the latest Microsoft® and mobile technologies. FlashPark™, incorporated directly into the existing Grove app that launched in 2012, offers the opportunity for guests to add funds to a FlashPark™ account (in specified stored value amounts) prior to their visit. Once guests arrive, they can scan a code on their phone as they enter and exit the parking structure, and the parking fee will be debited from their account." [Curbed Inbox]

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