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East Los Angeles's Tamale-Shaped Building is Up For Sale

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Did you know that on Whittier Boulevard there's a building shaped like a tamale? Well, enjoy it while you can, because it might not be around much longer. Esotouric spotted the property on Redfin yesterday, asking $459,000 for the tamale and a rented two-bedroom house out back. The building was most recently a beauty salon, and is the "last of what was once a mini Oddball Row of programmatic structures along Whittier Boulevard between Montebello and East Los Angeles (an oil can-shaped diner and crashed airplane called The Dugout vanished decades ago)." The tamale seems a bit boring by comparison, but perhaps its relatively normal shape allowed it to outlive its neighbors. Because the property is in an unincorporated bit of LA County, it's not protected by any city preservation rules. Fans of the building are hoping that County Supervisor Gloria Molina might be able to help find a way to save the tamale, possibly by moving it offsite.
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