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Grand Terrace House Starts Sliding Downhill in Middle of Night

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A homeowner in Grand Terrace is living out every Hills resident's scariest nightmare: his house is sliding down the hillside. According to NBC LA, "he woke up to the sound of a large bang," but, thinking it was an earthquake, he went back to sleep. In the morning he found out it was actually the foundation cracking--a landslide had "opened a 25-foot-wide fissure in the hillside supporting" the house, according to KPCC; "a slide undercut part of the home's patio and went back some 15 feet. Chunks of foundation fell about 150 feet downhill." The house, which the current owners bought in 1998 (and which is now supposedly estimated to be worth about $700k), has been red-tagged. Meanwhile, the residents have gotten out. And, uh, "There's a shopping center at the bottom of the hill, but [a San Bernardino County fire captain] says it and surrounding homes aren't considered threatened."
· Grand Terrace home in San Bernardino threatened by landslide [KPCC]