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You Can Build a Brand New Richard Neutra Case Study House

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Yes, you can now have your very own, brand spanking new, freshly-built house designed by mid-century modern master Richard Neutra--the Neutra Office (and Neutra's son Dion, a partner) has teamed up with the California Architecture Conservancy to offer the architect's plans for license. According to a press release, "For the price of what one would customarily pay for an architect to design and render supervising architectural services, you can build one of the mid-century modernist master's works of art and have Dion Neutra and the Neutra Office supervise the construction." Two of the designs available are Neutra's unbuilt houses for Arts & Architecture's Case Study House program--Alpha (number 13) and Omega (six).

Fancy brokerage The Agency, which has been getting into all kinds of interesting territory lately, is handling marketing and sales for the project; partner Billy Rose says "Our clients have long coveted and wished to acquire 'Neutras' and homes from the Case Study House Program." Meanwhile, some of the fees involved in the licensing will go toward preservation and "effort[s] to support and foster" great architecture (although no specifics on that yet).

Neutra, in case you don't know, is one of the biggest names in American modernist architecture: "Known for rigorously geometric yet airy structures, Neutra worked with a keen sensitivity towards blending the interior and exterior of a space such that it would 'place man in relationship with nature; that's where he developed and where he feels most at home." You can of course sometimes buy his already-built houses around Los Angeles.
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