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Eagle Rock Vons Complex Getting More Retail and Less Ugly

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The Eagle Rock Vons at Figueroa and La Loma is buried behind a surface parking lot and an empty parcel that once housed bungalows (but is now a favorite of the homeless population), but the grocer has changes in the pipeline. The Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council indicates in their newsletter that a grander, pre-recession Vons makeover was shelved for something more pragmatic (Vons has backed off or delayed other redevelopments), but it now plans "a row of mini-mall-type stores attached to the main Vons building, and a couple of other stores at the "point" where La Loma meets Figueroa. (Plus a new parking lot.)" Representatives from Vons owner Safeway will meet with community members next Tuesday to discuss their plans. This is a goodwill move as Safeway is not requesting any exceptions to city codes for the redevelopment, so they're not entitled to go before the public. "They've promised to work with us, especially on things that will make the development 'more Eagle Rock,'" according to the ERNC, "from landscaping and design to traffic flow in and out of the development."
· ERNC [Official Site]