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Watch Chloe Sevigny Act Like an Asshole NY-to-LA Transplant

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Would you like to watch Chloe Sevigny bitch parodically about Los Angeles and also pee while wearing a romper? MOCA's got you--they've put out this short film called "Magic Hour," directed by Tara Subkoff (the fashion designer and Sevigny's costar in The Last Days of Disco, incidentally); it was written by Subkoff and Tatiana Von Furstenberg (so there's no danger of the "cool girl" levels here falling into normal range). The film shows Sevigny on the phone running through the usual complaints about Los Angeles: everyone's shallow, everyone's trying to make it, everyone's in their bubbles, nothing's spontaneous, blah blah blah. She also hates how stressed out the traffic makes her on the way to her cranial-sacral therapist. But there's a twist! By the way, you can watch "Chloe Sevigny" talk about how much she loves LA right here (video).

· Magic Hour - Artist Video Projects - MOCAtv [YouTube]