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Dennis Hopper's Daughter Selling 1940s German Intellectual Hangout in Outpost Estates

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There's a lot going on in this Outpost Estates house in the hills just south of the Hollywood Bowl. The listing describes it as "Bohemian Chic meets Hollywood Glamour," and each of the four bedrooms and bathrooms seems to be a different take on one of those styles, with maybe a touch of mid-century thrown in for good measure. All together the house has more than 3,200 square feet, with "pitched wooden ceilings," miles of bookshelves, a large brick patio, and a bit of history: in the early 1940s, the house was home to Austrian writer Franz Werfel and his wife Alma--widow of composer Gustav Mahler, ex-wife of architect Walter Gropius, and a composer in her own right. The Werfels' home became a gathering spot for German intellectuals who fled the Nazis and settled in LA. The listing says the house was built in 1958, but there are photos showing Alma in front of the house in the '40s (though some changes are apparent). The house, which sits on a third of an acre at the end of a cul-de-sac, is asking $2.295 million. The sellers appear to be Dennis Hopper's daughter Marin and her husband.
· 6900 Los Tilos Road [Official Site]