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Methane Alert at the Tar Pits, Coldwater Canyon Reopens Early

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MIRACLE MILE: Whoa, @LAScanner picks up a report of high methane levels at Wilshire and Curson, in the general La Brea Tar Pits zone. Who knows why or what it means?? But we do know at least that the methane produced by the tar pits is not a byproduct of oil creation; it comes from "hardy bacteria" that live in the tar, eat the petroleum, and produce methane, according to a 2007 LA Times story. Hundreds of species of the bacteria were previously unknown before being discovered in the tar pits. [@LAScanner]

THE VALLEY: Coldwater Canyon has been completely shut down most of the time for the last month while the LADWP replaces part of a century-old water line--it reopened tonight at 7 pm, two days ahead of schedule. NB, though, left turns from Coldwater Canyon onto Ventura Boulevard will still be prohibited until June 1 "as minor work continues just south of Ventura Boulevard on the west side of Coldwater Canyon in the Studio City area." [Curbed Inbox]

La Brea Tar Pits

5801 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036