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Renters Battle Buyers in Pool Access War at Bunker Hill Towers

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What's the deal with those residential towers on Bunker Hill that look strangely northern Manhattany? Lisa Napoli reveals all over at LAObserved, and furthermore shares that they're in the middle of a nasty neighbor war over the complex's unexpectedly great pool area. The Bunker Hill Towers were put up in the late '60s as an early component of the huge BH redevelopment that eventually displaced an entire Victorian-filled neighborhood with glassy office towers. And in the middle of the development, "to lure people to take part in this urban living in 1968, a massive pool and recreation area was built, replete with BBQ grills and tennis courts and a Jacuzzi that holds 20 people." The buildings housed apartments, but in the early '80s the tallest of the three went condo, and the other two decided to keep paying two-thirds of their share of the pool expenses. (Meanwhile, more shades of Manhattan: one rent-controlled tenant included "a saleswoman at the old Bullock's Wilshire who lived in the same rented studio apartment for 40 years.")

But a few months ago, the pool shut down for repairs and now Essex, the company that owns the remaining rental buildings (which house about 400 people), is haggling over the bill (they say the repairs actually include "upgrades" that they're not liable for). The condo building put up a sign saying basically "no renters allowed" and now the matter's ended up in the courts. Just this week, the condo put up a 12-foot steel fence and now "Word is Essex, while awaiting a court date, is going to put up its own fence, on the plaza here on Bunker Hill, to mark their slice of the territory." Hilariously mature, guys.
· The battle on Bunker Hill [LAObserved]