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Live in Westwood Developer's 1913 House in Windsor Square

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The Janss Investment Company was founded around the turn of the last century and was ultimately responsible for Yorba Linda, Van Nuys, Canoga Park, and Westwood Village (read here about how they tricked UCLA into moving adjacent to their new development). You might recognize the domed Westwood Village building that was built as their headquarters in the 1920s. Edwin Janss was a member of the second generation (the ones who worked on those Valley tracts and Westwood)--his house in Windsor Square is now up for grabs. It was originally built in 1913 and designed by J. Martyn Haenke, according to the LA Times. The house has been updated over the years, and now comes with five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a paneled library with bar, a sunroom, a formal garden, pool, and guesthouse. Asking price is $4.45 million.
· 434 S Windsor Boulevard Los Angeles, CA [Estately]
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