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Century City's 40-Story 10000 Santa Monica Site Getting Active

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It's been quiet on the eastern tip of Century City since Miami-based developer Crescent Heights announced more than two years ago that it plans to build a residential tower at 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, the site of a former Jean Nouvel-designed project. But now fancy tarps surrounding the 2.4-acre site indicate work is imminent, judging by pictures from Skyscraper poster Slipperydog (we're awaiting developer confirmation). The tarp's sexy lady says to expect 40 stories and 283 glass units (in 2011, we heard they'd go for around $1.5 million each). From what we knew back in 2011, there's no retail planned for the tower, which placated the traffic-wary neighbors.
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10000 Santa Monica Boulevard

10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067