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San Juan Cap's Giant Petting Zoo Apatosaurus Has to Go

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It's a sad day for fans of Juan the Capistrano Dinosaur (and if you aren't one, what's wrong with you?): the 40-foot statue has been banished from his home at a Capistrano petting zoo. Historical advocates called Juan "an eyesore, cheapening the neighborhood's real history" and wanted him removed just because the San Juan Capistrano area never hosted any actual dinosaurs. The LA Times reports that the city council voted this month that the "unpermitted brontosaurus" had to go, after a 10-month fight in which people took things entirely too seriously, considering we're talking about an apostosaurus discarded by a Romanian shopping center. Zoo owner Carolyn Franks said finding a new home for Juan felt "like a mom placing her baby," while historical advocate Ilse Byrnes said Franks "finally woke up and knows it's unacceptable in San Juan." Now evicted, Juan the Grand Canyon Caverns Dinosaur will have to head for his new home before May 3.
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