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Location Managers War With LA Over Bright Green Bike Lane

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In a very "only in Los Angeles in the teens" kind of story, location managers were thrown into a frenzy in 2011 over the Spring Street bike lane, which was the first to be painted bright shocking green. They complained that "The bright color would be a distraction to viewers, doesn't belong in period movies and makes it harder for L.A. to do what it does best: play other cities," as the LA Times puts it. A lot of shooting moved over to Main Street, which got a non-colored bike lane in early 2012. Meanwhile, the mayor's office agreed to let the green paint (which is supposed to be a safety measure) fade on the stretch of Spring between Third and Ninth Streets, but now supposedly the city is about to give it a new coat of paint and everyone's up in arms again. One location manager, who's worked on such un-neon projects as The Dark Knight Rises and Inception, says "That bright green strip doesn't exist in any other city ? and if you're shooting a period piece down there, which we frequently do, it removes you from the story and disturbs the willing suspension of disbelief."
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