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SaMo To Saint John Hospital: 738 Parking Spaces Not Enough

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Santa Monica may well be having a war with itself over its parking policy. Even though the city is attempting to reduce parking minimums along bus and rail corridors--while some residents freak out--it's also telling Saint John Health Center, on Santa Monica Boulevard, that it needs to provide more parking, according to Patch. Planning Director David Martin rejected Saint John's current parking plan, which includes 738 spaces on its campus and in nearby lots for employees, doctors, and patients; Martin said that plan reneges on an agreement in which the hospital agreed to offer about 200 spaces more in exchange for not building a parking garage. Even though the hospital says 738 spaces is more than enough, even on its busiest days, Martin wants a "parking demand analysis drawn up by a private consultant, including on the impact of 80 new spaces added at the hospital's entryway." Martin also wants to know about the hospital's lease terms with nearby lots, with information required by the end of the month.
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