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WeHo Hoping WPA-Era Plummer Park Building Doesn't Get National Register Landmarking

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The long-delayed, much-maligned Plummer Park makeover in West Hollywood looks set to have another obstacle thrown in front of it. Next month the state's Historic Resources Commission will vote on landmarking the park's Great Hall/Long Hall, which is slated to be razed if the redesign plans ever move forward. And the city council is not pleased. Last night, reports Wehoville, the council voted to oppose the building's nomination to the National Register of Historic Places, and one councilmember went so far as to say the city should tear the building down right away. As John Heilman eloquently put it: "I think we should authorize to do what should have been authorized previously which is to authorize them to be demolished forthwith."

If the HRC does vote to add the hall to the National Register, the West Hollywood City Council can still vote to tear down by passing a statement of overriding consideration. In which case, the city would still have to find a way to pay for the park's $41 million makeover. West Hollywood lost its funding for the project at the end of last year, though a new bill proposed by Assemblymember Richard Bloom (who reps West Hollywood) would allow the city to use money raised by bonds in 2011 to pay for the work. (This is yet another bit of fallout from the shuttering of California's redevelopment agencies.)

The Great Hall was known as the Community Clubhouse when it was built in 1938 for the Works Progress Administration. In the HRC application (pdf) it is described as a U-shaped "modest Spanish Colonial Revival recreation facility" with a north-facing courtyard and three distinct parts: a Great Hall, a Long Hall, and a small east wing that houses the building's utilities and restrooms. It now sits vacant and unused.
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Plummer Park

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