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Big Markup on Escher GuneWardena-Designed Silver Lake Flip

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This house on the market in Silver Lake, designed by Escher GuneWardena Architecture has certainly seen its fortunes rise and fall in its brief existence. Since it was built in 2010 it's been hailed as a "stunning examples of modern residences," listed and failed to sell, foreclosed on and sold again, and now is back as a flip with more than a 50 percent markup. It's asking $1.598 million. Based on pictures from it's various life stages, the current owners haven't done much to the house aside from replacing the elements that had been stripped out (kitchen counter, bath tub), changing up the light fixtures, and making some cosmetic improvements. The agent has really given it her all in the listing for the four-bed, three-bath house, writing "the interior delivers the extra gift of expanded living through the infusion of air and space integrated throughout design. A compliment of luxury appliances and fixtures ... brings the best ease of modern comforts in this aesthetic prism." To say nothing of the "peek-a-boo feasting of the Hollywood Hills to the North."
· 2327 Ewing Street [Redfin]