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Redondo Waterfront Getting a More Beach-Adjacent Bike Path

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Redondo Beach is making all kinds of improvements to their waterfront these days--the pier makeover is moving along, a long-delayed hotel is finally getting built, and now city officials have voted to reconfigure the bike path to eliminate a turn inland requiring bikers "to follow a path past a building and around a public parking lot before eventually ending up on Harbor Drive" a bit north of the pier. The horror! Probably very annoying. But as much as everyone agrees the bike path should stay sand-adjacent, there's some tension over how to make the change, according to the Daily Breeze. The South Bay Bicycle Coalition supports the council's plan to create an on-street, bidirectional path on the west side of Harbor (that is, bike traffic traveling in both directions would share space on the same side of the street). But the Friends of the South Bay Bicycle Path have collected 41 pages of signatures from people who think the plan isn't safe. The council ultimately decided to stick with the original bidirectional plan, but asked city staff to keep an eye on the traffic problem. Work is expected to start in January and wrap up in time for summer 2014.
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