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Whole Lot of Park Excercising in SaMo May Lead to Crackdown

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It looks like Santa Monica was serious about cracking down on its scourge of park exercising. Santa Monica Patch reports that next week the city council will vote on new regulations to limit public displays of fitness. Proposed measure include "a permit fee of $100, a use charge of 15 percent of revenue, several application forms, including insurance, limiting private classes to no more than two people and groups to no more than 150." Restrictions would be even tighter at Palisades Park, where group classes would be banned. Back in January, one city official said that park users were "complaining about fitness enthusiasts not only blocking pedestrian walkways but also making too much noise, killing the park's grass with their weights and damaging its trees and benches with all the exercise gadgets they connect to them." If all that sounds a mite over the top, consider these numbers from Patch: in one six hour stretch, they counted 147 group and private classes in Palisades Park.
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