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How to Remove DTLA's Bike Lane From Film in 40 Seconds

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Filming location managers have been complaining for years about the buffered green bike lane that runs for a mile and a half down Downtown's Spring Street. They say the stripe makes it hard for LA to substitute for other cities in film shoots--and they don't want the city to repaint the now-faded neon green paint (the city's agreed for now), even though that distinguishes it from an auto lane and reminds drivers to keep off (it's also helped increase cycling on Spring by 52 percent). Anyway, the argument is pretty much blown out of the water by this Streetsblog video, in which an unnamed editor uses Final Cut Pro to remove the bike lane's green color in about 40 seconds. Now that that's solved, the whole runaway production problem should come to a screeching halt.

· Taking the Green Out of the Bike Lane [Streetsblog]