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'70s/'80s Modern in Venice, Carol Burnett Square in Hollywood

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VENICE: The LA Conservancy is celebrating the oft-maligned modern architecture of the 19790s and '80s with, among other things, a tour this Saturday of Venice highlights from Frank Gehry, Frank Israel, Brian Murphy, Steven Ehrlich and Chuck Arnoldi (including Dennis Hopper's house). There'll also be a panel discussion with some of the architects and there's a related Instagram photo contest (Curbed's own photographer Elizabeth Daniels is a judge). All the tour details are here. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Today the city was set to dedicate Highland and Selma as Carol Burnett Square. The ever-delightful Burnett went to nearby Hollywood High and "grew up in the surrounding neighborhood." So file that away in your encyclopedic list of "Los Angeles's honorary intersections." [Curbed Inbox]