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City Could Bar LA Live Owner From Running Convention Center

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Tough times in South Park for developer AEG, whose NFL football stadium plan appears to have gone down the tubes recently: Now they could be disqualified from running the LA Convention Center. This is actually separate from their Farmers Field plan, which would've included an overhaul of the Convention Center (the city is now looking at alternatives for that project); LA has also been looking for potential new managers for the Convention Center and AEG is one of two groups to make offers. The City News Service reports that "The City Attorney's office has recommended AEG be disqualified from the competition to run the convention center," calling it "'non-responsive' after requests to provide documents attesting to the company's 'financial sustainability' were ignored." AEG refused to hand over balance sheets, income statements, cash flow reports, credit history, and tons of other financial fitness documents, saying they're a private company and that LA should just trust their track record (Staples Center, LA Live). The city report says that the lack of disclosure "goes to the issue of whether a company has the resources to manage the facility." AEG was recently put up for sale, then yanked off the market; it's long-time head Tim Leiweke also left.
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