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Echo Park's Morton Village and Silver Lake's Coffee Table Project Both Get Start Dates

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Echo Park's Morton Village project and Silver Lake's Coffee Table mixed-user were both supposed to break ground sometime last year and then ... nothing. Now the two projects, both from Miami-based developer Fifteen Group, appear to be back in action. A press release says that Fifteen has teamed up with SoCal-based Van Daele Homes "to co-own and develop" the projects. The one-acre Morton Village, which came with entitlements for an 18-unit small lot subdivision (basically a bunch of little houses all built on a single lot), is set to start construction next month; it'll be designed by Aaron Brumer and Associates Architects.

The Coffee Table site on Rowena Avenue (so-called because it used to be home to the popular Coffee Table cafe) is set to start construction in September. That'll include 33 townhouses with attached garages and be designed by Cuningham Group--the project was originally 64 units and then downsized to 45, so looks like it's shrinking again. That site has been cleared for some time now and Fifteen actually put it up for sale last summer.

Fifteen is also hard at work at its massive (and controversial) redevelopment of the Wyvernwood Garden Apartments in Boyle Heights.
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Morton Village

1641 Morton Ave., Los Angeles, CA