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Council Approves Watts's Huge Jordan Downs Makeover

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The redevelopment of the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts, one of the city's most ambitious projects, received unanimous City Council approval today, a year after the Planning Commission gave the thumbs up to an amended site plan for the area. "The Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles has already invested more than $45 million and has committed millions more to move the project forward," according to a statement today from the city. Opened in the forties, turned into public housing after World War II, and virtually unchanged since the mid-fifties, Jordan Downs houses 2,300 people in 700 units spread over 43 acres. The redevelopment will span nearly 119 acres, bulldoze the current rentals, replace them, and bring in 1,100 additional units at both affordable and market rates (the hope is to have more mixed-income people living near each other). There will also be community-serving retail brought in, some of it under the units, along with space for light industrial uses. A small--6.38 acres--"central park" will be built, and a Family Resource Center will replace the current community center. Century Boulevard will also be expanded to traverse the entire new Jordan Downs and be downgraded from a highway to a collector street to make it more pedestrian-friendly.
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