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7 Photos of LA's Oldest, Highly Peripatetic Palm Tree

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This here fan palm near the Figueroa entrance to Exposition Park has led quite a peripatetic life, for a tree. It also may be the oldest palm tree in the city of LA. As Los Angeles Magazine delightfully recounts, it was "likely still a sapling when it was dug up from a desert canyon in the late 1850s, [when] the tree was transplanted with several other young palms to San Pedro Street." It was moved again, to a streetcar station at Fifth and Central Avenue, in 1888 and again after a citywide campaign saved the historic tree from certain death (that is, an expanding streetcar station) and it was moved to its current home in Exposition Park. The plaque at its base reads, in part, that "it and its sentimental associations will be permanently preserved." We don't know about permanent, but it's been there for 99 years and counting.
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