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Approved: 71 Apartments and Retail For Fairfax Theatre Site

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This morning the City Council gave its unanimous approval to the Fairfax Theatre project, which will see much of the old art deco theater on the corner of Fairfax and Beverly demolished and replaced with a five-story mixed-use development (we first heard about this project way back in early 2010; it was held up by preservationist opposition). The historic facade, marquee, box office, and terrazzo entry floor will be preserved and 71 apartments plus rooftop pool will be added to the site. The pool will be joined on the roof by solar panels, which will help the building attain LEED Silver certification, and the project will contribute to neighborhood beautification by burying the power lines that currently run in the alley behind the theater. The building permit application is in the works, and word from architect Howard Laks is that the project is scheduled to break ground next spring. As for the building's current retail tenants, a rep for the architect tells us that "the Fairfax Theater Residential Project's ownership team will be in discussions with each of the tenants at 7901 Beverly."

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