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Should LA County Drop Grand Park's $20,000 Filming Fee?

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Downtown seems to be experiencing some gentrificiation pains these days, as the city and county struggle to decide who its amenities are for: the residents or The Industry (see: the Spring Street Bike Lane tussle--location scouts claim they make it harder for Downtown LA to play Anytown, USA). The LA County Board of Supervisors is divided over which group should get priority in Grand Park, the $56 million park that opened near City Hall last summer/fall. The supes raised eyebrows when they set sky-high fees ($20,000 per section of the park!) for movie crews who wanted to use the park, and so far there have been only two shoots there--one film and one still-photography. But while Hollywood has stayed away, the LA Times reports that people are "flocking to the yoga classes and outdoor concerts." Now, in an effort to boost Hollywood's interest in the park, two Supervisors want to temporarily drop the fee entirely, while others would like to reduce it to $5,000. Either move would likely boost the number of filming days, but would, of course, also limit public access to the park. "Green space is at a premium in urban areas, and the public should have first priority," said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.
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Grand Park

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