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First Permits for Bike Share Kiosks Could Be Filed Soon

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The City Council is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the regulatory framework for LA's first bike share program. While "regulatory framework" may not sound like the height of interestingness, it's a critical step to getting Bike Nation's planned Downtown pilot off the ground. If all goes according to plan tomorrow, the company will be able to submit its permit applications for the first six bike kiosks. Once the city approves the applications, Bike Nation Chief Operating Officer Derek Fretheim estimates it will take 2-3 weeks to install those kiosks, the first of 175 planned for Downtown and 400 envisioned city-wide. It's been almost exactly a year since LA announced that Bike Nation would be investing $16 million to set up the country's second largest bike share in LA. The company had hoped everything would be in place for the pilot to begin this month, though Fretheim praises the city's fast work, saying it's "done an extremely great job in terms of getting the process moving." It usually takes 24 months to get a bike share going, he says.
· Transportation Committee Report (pdf)
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