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What is Up With Enormous Racial Slur Graffiti in Beachwood?

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Beachwood Canyon can be a pretty insular place, but you wouldn't ever expect this sort of thing: A local sent us this photo showing an enormous graffitied "GO HOME N-----" painted on the wall outside an otherwise normal little bungalow (the above is cropped; the full awful image is below). The neighbor writes that she "stopped almost in the middle of the road when I saw this graffiti at the bottom of the hill. Is this Alabama or Hollywood? Totally shocking and disturbing. A neighbor said it's been there for a week." The LAPD says they're aware of the graffiti and are dealing with it; both the wall and the property it's on are private: "The property owner in question has been contacted by LAPD, and a hate incident report was taken. The property owner has been told to paint over the graffiti."