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LA Moving Ahead With Plans to Drain Silver Lake Reservoir

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It looks like LADWP officials have gotten one step closer to pulling the stopper out of Silver Lake Reservoir. Eastsider LA reports that the Department of Health has tentatively approved the plan to temporarily drain the reservoir in order to install a new double-wall pipeline, as required by national standards (all part of the never-a-dull-minute Lower Reach River Supply Conduit Project that'll put the Reservoir out of commission as a water source). The plan was first floated last summer as one of two options before the utility; the other possibility is to rip up more than a mile of West Silver Lake Drive. A final decision is dependent on an environmental review (now underway), which will be presented at a community meeting later this spring. While neither option is perfect--an unsightly reservoir bottom for 18 months or an expensive and traffic-snarling partial road closure--the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council voted in favor of the drainage option last year. Perhaps rocketing house prices have lessened the fears that a drained reservoir will kill the real estate market in the neighborhood.
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Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039