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Ontario is Getting Ready to Sue LA For Airport Neglect

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Ooh, Ontario is maaaad. Officials today filed a legal claim against the city of LA over what they say is the city's neglect of the LA/Ontario International Airport. As the LA Times explains, this is the first step to filing a lawsuit, and the move comes a day after the Inland Empire city turned down LA's offer to sell the airport for $475 million. Considering Ontario thinks the airport is worth negative money, we're guessing they didn't reject the offer with a polite "no thanks." LA bought the Ontario airport in 1982 at "virtually no cost," and the airport is run by Los Angeles World Airports, which also manages LAX. LAWA is supposed to run the airport in Ontario's best interests, per a 1967 agreement. But the filing claims that "the current situation at Ontario is one of chronic neglect and mismanagement by its operator .... As a result, the financial and operational situation at Ontario is now dire and increasingly urgent." Since 2007, passenger traffic at Ontario has dropped 40 percent; LA says it's all due to the economy, but Ontario isn't buying it.
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