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Walter Davis-Designed "Hearst Castle" of Rancho Palos Verdes

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Lately it seems there's been a steady stream of spiffy mid-century moderns hitting the market, but here's a bit of a curveball: a mid-century ancient. Per its listing, this singular residence in Rancho Palos Verdes was designed by Walter S. Davis for his son in 1960, though it took many years to complete. Which isn't surprising, because it's pretty bananas--Davis, known for his inventive amalgamations of Italian, Spanish-Moorish, and French classical styles, really let rip here. The 2,856-square-foot house is chockablock with eye-popping details such as elaborate mosaics, massive carved fireplaces, doorways, and bookcases, but of extra special note is the ceiling in the master bedroom, which, per the description, took the better part of a decade to create and was "inspired by the Capella Palatina, the Royal Chapel of the Norman Kings in Palermo, Sicily dating back to the 11th Century." Sited on a .37-acre lot, the five-bedroom, three-bath property is asking $1.485 million.
· 6252 Via Canada [Official Site]