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Century City Center Planning All Kinds of Purple Line Goodies

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The Century City Center project is moving along again--it was approved in 2006 as a two-condo-tower-plus-office-building, then switcharooed in 2011 to a single office tower. JMB is developing the site and Johnson Fain designed the 37-story tower. The plans also include one- and two-stories of adjacent creative office space, a transit plaza, and mobility hub all at the corner of Constellation and Avenue of the Stars. Which, coincidentally, is the same corner where Metro wants to put the Century City station for the Purple Line subway extension. The draft environmental impact report circulated last month details the many transit-friendly features of the mobility hub, including "rental, storage, and changing facilities for bicycles as well as a car-sharing program on site ... [and] may also sell bus passes, promote carpooling and vanpooling, and may include ticketing facilities for the Metro Westside Subway Extension in the future." Metro would allow a subway entrance to be built directly into the site if it were funded by a private developer. That is, of course, assuming that Beverly Hills doesn't win one of its 47 or so lawsuits trying to force Metro to move the station to Santa Monica Boulevard.

There has been pushback against the project from a group called Save the Westside, which says it's collected 2,000 signatures opposing the project on density and traffic-generating grounds. They object in particular to the way the developer has calculated the number of extra car journeys the development will spur, though Councilmember Paul Koretz told us earlier this year that JMB's method is valid. The opposition group is backed by JP Morgan Chase, which also owns office buildings in Century City.
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