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Bev Hills Has the Most $10MM-Plus House Sales Outside NYC

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We're surrounded by insanely, ridiculously rich people: Coldwell Banker has released a report on the communities with the most 2012 house sales topping $10 million (here's the last iteration) and the LA area is home to four of the top 10 (the list excludes New York City, where houses are smaller and more expensive). Beverly Hills was number one with 21 mega-sales, while Bel Air came in fourth (10 sold), Brentwood in sixth (with eight), and lowly Malibu in seventh with only seven super sales. The most over-the-top Bev Hills sales last year include 56 Beverly Park (pictured), which sold for $21.75 million after being listed for $25 million; the compound Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi sold to Ryan Seacrest for $37.5 million; and the gold-doorknobbed megamansion of Sunset Boulevard, which sold for $34.5 million. When it came to highest volume of $10 million-plus listings (as in, just asking prices), Malibu bested Bev Hills, 65 to 48.

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