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Alamo Drafthouse Theater Planned By Historic Core's Medallion

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Downtown is getting a new movie theater--filling the sweet spot between the huge Regal cineplex and the little Downtown Independent, the Texas-based Alamo Drafthouse will open in a new building next to the Medallion apartments at Fourth and Main. The theater will have eight screens and occupy a 30,000-square-foot single story building on the site (currently home to a parking lot next to Medallion's commercial plaza), reports the Downtown News: "Plans call for the theater to be built into the hill with a rooftop garden. Some parking on the lot would remain." The theater's set to open in about a year and a half. Alamo Drafthouse is famous for its theme nights and seat-side food delivery, and also for being super harsh on jerks (video) who use their phones during the movie.
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