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Lion Roaming the LA River, OSH Coming to Gentrifying La Brea

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ATWATER VILLAGE: Here is the dumbest thing ever: a Spike TV show called Urban Tarzan pretended that a lion was loose on the LA River and sent in--who else?--Urban Tarzan to deal with it. Enjoy the sight of a lion roaming around on the river and of Urban Tarzan telling some fakeass LAPD officers "I'm Urban Tarzan!" [Franklin Avenue]

MID-WILSHIRE: It's official: that's an Orchard Supply Hardware going up at La Brea and Fourth. In a press release, the company's CEO sounds pretty psyched about the neighborhood (which is seeing a ton of construction lately): "The La Brea area is undergoing a significant revitalization effort and is transforming into an increasingly pedestrian-friendly street. New residential and commercial construction is underway, including a number of mixed-use complexes featuring apartments, ground-floor retail and pedestrian space." The store will be 30,080 square feet with a 3,800-square-foot outdoor nursery and garden space and rooftop parking. Meanwhile, OSH is closing its store on Sunset across from the Home Depot. [Curbed Inbox]